Family left devastated after hit and run

Flash the Patterdale Terrier who was killed in a hit and run incident at Owston Ferry.
Flash the Patterdale Terrier who was killed in a hit and run incident at Owston Ferry.

A heartbroken family seek help to find a driver who ran over their pet dog in Owston Ferry, leaving him for dead.

Unfortunately for five-year-old Patterdale cross Flash (right) his injuries were so bad he did die shortly after, leaving his owners “devastated”.

Elizabeth Robinson, 35, of Church Crescent said she had brought Flash up from a pup and they were “joined at the hip”, spending every waking moment together.

“I’m devastated, I’m absolutely heartbroken but I’m mad as well that someone could hit an animal and leave it for dead,” she said.

The incident happened on Epworth Road at 6.30pm on Wednesday (September 17) when Flash and the other family dog Honey were taken out for a walk in the nearby fields which they did twice a day.

“For some reason Flash ran off, which he would never normally do,” explained Elizabeth. “I don’t know if he was spooked by something.

“Someone told me they had seen him on the road and tried to catch him but couldn’t. He was hit by a car that was going too fast, it just mowed straight into him and didn’t stop, it just went speeding off.

“We were running up and down screaming, when the first person got to him he was still alive but sadly died afterwards. It just makes you think, could we have saved him i someone had stopped sooner? I’m just sad, what if it had been a person? Would they have stopped?”

The tragedy has hit other family members hard. Elizabeth’s daughter Bethany Hope Rodgers posted on her Facebook page: “Well to night flash man was run over cant belive it ; ( absolutely heart broken r.i.p little man we all loved you so much more than just a pet sleep tight xxx.”

And fellow pet Honey has been left without a playmate, Elizabeth added: “We buried Flash that night and our other dog was sat for hours just staring at the spot, Honey knew something was wrong.”

Other comments flooded in via Facebook. Pauline Sharpe said: “I am surprised there hasn’t been a fatality on this road. It is disgusting the way they speed, delivery vans, tractors, the buses are as bad, I have been forced off the road more than once by them. Cars bomb through the Village particularly at night, it’s frightening hearing them pass our house.

“Last week one of my rescue dogs nearly went under the wheels of a car he had slipped his lead I physically had to step into the road as one car tried to dodge round him and scream for her to stop. ”

Mandy Lythe said: “Would love to find the scumbag that did this.”

Sarah Hunter said: “Surely the dog would have made a dent on the car and caused some damage could you not ask local garages to keep an eye out?”

A Humberside Police spokesman said: “We were called at 7.22pm on Thursday September 18 reporting a collision the previous day on Wednesday September 17 on Epworth Road. A dog was killed following a collision with a car. The vehicle involved did not stop at the scene and there are no details of the vehicle.”