Explosion scare forces street evacuation

Fire Engine on call
Fire Engine on call

FEARS of a major explosion sparked a mass night-time evacuation at Conisbrough.

Around 30 residents of Windsor Road had to leave their homes swiftly on Friday night after fire officers raised the alarm.

Fire crews acted quickly after spotting dangerous acetylene gas cylinders at the scene of a domestic garage fire.

All occupants of the road were asked to leave their houses at around 11.15pm as a precaution for their safety.

Doncaster Council’s emergency planning team was called out to care for evacuees at Conisborough Social Education Centre. Some residents chose to stay with friends.

Officers from Edlington and Dearne stations found a sports car and welding equipment along with the cylinders in the garage on Windsor Road. They got residents out then cooled the cylinders by using a water jet from a distance.

Acetylene cylinders sometimes need to be cooled for 24 hours, but after conducting safety tests on them at around 4am, firefighters deemed the area safe and allowed residents to return home.

The fire is believed to have started accidentally. No one was injured.