Ex-Doncaster Mayor claims he quit the Labour Party because Ed Miliband ‘betrayed’ him

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In the latest of a series of recent revelations from Martin Winter, the ex-Doncaster mayor says he was not expelled from the Labour party - and claims he ‘quit’ instead.

Mr Winter’s Labour Party membership was terminated in May 2008 while he was still Mayor of Doncaster, after he pledged to stand for a third term as Mayor, despite a leaked national Labour Party document indicating that the controversial politician would not be seeking re-election.

A Yorkshire and the Humber Labour Party spokesman at the time confirmed that Mr Winter had been handed a ‘long-term’ expulsion of five years, as a result of his actions.

But speaking on BBC1’s Daily Politics yesterday, Mr Winter said: “I left the Labour Party. Ed Miliband betrayed me, and I walked away.”

“This isn’t sour grapes. I told Ed Miliband at the time: ‘you have betrayed me, and I will tell people the truth’”

He went on to describe how the Labour leader, stayed with him and was given a ‘very thorough induction into Doncaster’ during his bid to become Doncaster North MP.

Mr Winter told Andrew Neil that Mr Miliband’s behaviour became ‘questionable’.

He also offered to take a lie detector, when questioned about the motivation for the claims in his book, which is due out later this year.

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