Ex-alcoholic holds inspirational talk

Ex-Celebrity Chef Michael Quinn MBE.
Ex-Celebrity Chef Michael Quinn MBE.

A MICHELIN starred chef has spoken to college students about the dangers of drinking, having found himself an alcoholic on the streets.

Ex-celebrity chef Michael Quinn MBE, who became the first British chef at the Ritz Hotel to hold the top job in London, flirted with death and liver failure when his life went into a downward spiral and subsequently he hit the bottle.

The ‘Mighty Quinn’, who also appeared on television and radio in the 1980s and had invitations to cook around the world, decided to take control of his life and began a programme of sobriety.

He now dedicates his time to The Ark Foundation, which he set up in 2001 and is completely self-funded. It provides advice to young people about how to avoid ruining their lives through alcohol and drugs.

He travels around the world and has visited countries such as Australia and Dubai.

He recently stopped off at Doncaster College for his second time to offer one of his inspirational talks.

He said: “I love coming into colleges.

“I’ve got great faith in the young people, a lot of guys I meet in the colleges come from very humble backgrounds, life has been hard for them. The good news is youngsters can achieve anything they want if they find the right place and that’s what colleges are for.

“I say to young people all their dreams are within their reach. It’s about getting focused and making it happen. On the journey people are placed in our path to help us, whether it’s in our career or in recovery from addiction, but it’s about getting focused.”