Everybody have a lovely Jubilee week

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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be celebrated by thousands of people in the Dearne over the coming week as Yorkshire folk celebrate that peculiarly British institution - The Royal Family.

It may come as a surprise to people from outside the area that in a county routinely described as The People’s Republic of South Yorkshire that this is the case.

From Conisbrough to Wombwell kids young and old will be wearing red white and blue, hanging out the bunting and raising a drink to Queen Elizabeth ll.

Recent instances of royalty visiting the opening of schools, riding for the disabled or community centres in our area proves that there is still a great sense of loyalty to the Royalty in huge sections of the community.

And let’s not forget the families with sons and daughters in the Armed Forces who have sworn allegiance to the Crown and for better or for worse are out in Afghanistan fighting and dying in it’s name.

Of course there are republicans who feel the Royal Family is an anachronistic class-based institution we can well do without. And some people think the royal palaces would be better turned into homes for the homeless.

But the affection for this big part of our national identity is real. Nobody has come up with a head of state with the durablity and generally high regard felt for our Queen.

We may never see her like again.

And of everybody loves a party.

Those of us old enough remember the Silver Jubilee of 1977 can vouch for the fun we had back then.

So have a good one and give the young uns something to remember!