Epworth will have a beacon lit for Queen’s jubilee

EPWORTH Town Council is making preparations for the coming winter by organising a snow warden and securing salt bins.

Councillor Bob Fish has been designated as the authority’s snow warden and three salt bins are currently in place on Hollingsworth Lane, Blow Row and Mill View Close.

The council is to ask for an additional three bins and High Street businessman Ian McConachie has volunteered to store salt supplies.

Axholme Central ward councillor Liz Redfern informed members that £2,000 has been set aside by North Lincolnshire Council for extra emergency procedures within the town.

* Also at the meeting, members heard of plans to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations in Epworth next year.

The town has been chosen to have one of six beacons across the county lit between June 1-4.