Epworth Council’s spending freeze

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NEWS: News.

SPENDING by Epworth Town Council is to stay at the same level as last year as the, members have decided.

But that didn’t stop Coun Graham Wilson from urging his colleagues to get more value from the money they did have by shuffling the way it was spent.

He urged them to consider reducing the £17,000 available for grants, and invest the money in maintaining council assets, such as the Cemetery Lodge on Burnham Road.

He said: “Shopkeepers are having a hard time, and that’s a lot of money to give away.” Chairman Coun Don Stewart said: “Epworth has never been frightened to put it hand in its pocket to help people, and if we had been mean Epworth wouldn’t be the place it is today.”

Members agreed to continue with their spending plans at last year’s level without change.