Train station firm reveals success in cutting its waste

Doncaster train station.
Doncaster train station.

Doncaster railway station operator East Coast has beaten its carbon footprint targets more than a year ahead of its deadline.

The organisation, which runs the borough’s train services to London and Edinburgh, has beaten its 2014 waste management target 12 months early.

East Coast’s target was to recycle 45 per cent of waste by March 2014 – and the target was met in March of this year. The company is now pressing ahead towards its ultimate aim of eliminating waste sent to landfill completely by the end of its franchise in February 2015.

East Coast points to the commitment of its staff, led by a network of over 50 employees who act as environmental ‘champions’ at its stations, offices and depots, as the secret of a ‘recycling success story’ which is now saving around £160,000 each year.

Almost 3,500 tonnes of waste was collected from trains and stations on its network in 2011, including rubbish left on trains, at stations and within its offices and depots.

At that time only around eight per cent was recycled, with the rest going to landfill.

Last year East Coast changed the way it deals with waste, placing a much stronger emphasis on reducing the ‘carbon footprint’ of waste disposal.

It also increased its recycling via local processing facilities.

All East Coast stations now feature colour-coded recycling bins.