Rat-infested shop closed down by Doncaster Council

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A rat-infested convenience shop has been closed down after Doncaster Council took action following an anonymous tip-off.

Paul’s Place, in Simpson Place, Mexborough, was inspected this month after a complaint was made from a concerned member of the public.

The visit revealed evidence of significant rat activity throughout the shop, kitchen and cellar. The business was found to be in a filthy condition with serious pest proofing issues.

A large amount of rat droppings were found, of different age and sizes, indicating rats had been present for some time. This was also clear from the amount of chewed food, packaging and debris, as well as rat holes. Rats had chewed through floors and dug into walls, while vermin traps and poison were found. Dirty smear marks were present throughout the premises, left by the rat’s fur as they had been moving around.

The amount of evidence found indicated there been significant rat activity for some time which could have potentially resulted in contamination of food and food packaging. The business was, therefore, immediately shut, as there was an imminent risk to health and the owner was aware of the infestation.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Neighbourhoods, Coun Joe Blackham, said: “We want the people of Doncaster to be able to go out and enjoy themselves, safe in the knowledge that they are visiting clean and sanitary shops and restaurants.

“We thank the member of the public who brought our attention to the extremely unsanitary conditions at this premises, and hope that this case serves as a message to other business-owners in Doncaster of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.”

The premises was immediately closed to the public, by means of a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice. The business has been ordered to remove all signs of vermin activity, carry out general structural repairs and to clean and sanitise all areas.