Kicking up stink over sewage

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A woman went to the very top when she kicked up a stink about a smelly drain near her Doncaster home.

After numerous complaints about the drainage dyke in Balby, Elaine Jarvill ran out of patience and made contact with Doncaster’s mayor, Ros Jones.

Coun Jones passed the complaint on to Coun Joe Blackham, cabinet member for environmental issues - and the matter is now being investigated by the Environment Agency.

Mrs Jarvill lives on the Lambeth Road mobile home park which has a ditch running along the boundary, next to where she and her husband live.

She says raw pollution has been flowing along it for several weeks.

“It absolutely stinks and you can see there’s something in the water,” she said. “It’s a muddy grey colour but we’ve no idea what it is. All we know is it’s absolutely horrendous.

“I think it’s been there for at least five years and nobody seems to be able to find out what it is.”

The drain is believed to come from Sandford Road and heads into the Yorkshire Water sewage treatment works at Balby Carr.

Mrs Jarvill says Yorkshire Water do not believe it is a problem at their end, and Doncaster Council workmen have also carried out an investigation.

“We’ve lived here for seven years and I’m sick of ringing people and nothing gets done,” said Mrs Jarvill.

“We’ve also seen rats in the dyke, which we don’t want.”

Doncaster Council’s director of regeneration and environment, Peter Dale, said: “The incident was reported to us in April and we visited the site on the same day. Following our investigation we have reported a pollution problem to the Environment Agency.”

An EA spokesman said: “We are currently investigating a drainage issue on Sandford Road.

“We have identified a number of potential causes and are in discussions regarding access to the drainage pipe which we believe is the source.

“Once this has been established we will take appropriate action.”