Doncaster bin collection days to change in refuse management shake-up

Wheelie bins
Wheelie bins

Residents are set to face a big shake up as Doncaster council gets ready to change bin collection days for most households in the borough - in a bid to shave £2million from its annual budget.

The local authority has confirmed today that the bin collection days will be changing for most Doncaster households from October 5, but residents are being reassured that the number and frequency of collections will stay the same.

The routes taken by refuse vehicles have been re-assessed as part of the transformation of waste and recycling collection in the borough.

Residents will receive leaflets through their doors during the weeks commencing September 7 and 14 informing them what day to put out their black and green bins, as well as green boxes and bags.

Collection dates will not change for some people, so residents are advised to simply follow the instructions on the information they’re provided with, including a tag on their bin between the September 21 and October 4.

A council spokesman told the Free Press that the new service will be ‘more efficient’, with collections carried out in zones.

In addition, more waste is also passing through the new processing plant in Manvers, resulting in 95 per cent less rubbish being sent to landfill and reducing the amount of landfill tax paid.

The total amount of money set to be saved from the service shake-up is estimated to be in excess of £2million per year.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris McGuiness, said: “These changes will save taxpayers’ money, increase recycling levels and make the service more reliable, while the only change residents will notice is a different bin day. The plans makes good sense, and we ask people to please pay close attention to the information you receive through your door and visit if you have further questions. The only part of the service to change is possibly the day you have to put out your bins, bags or boxes.”

The new routes will be operational from 5 October. All residents will receive a leaflet with their collection day on beforehand, and more information on the plan is available at A dedicated phone number will also be in use for answering questions, on 01302 734 999.