Complaints about Conisbrough toilets

The sign outside the closed St Peter's Church public toilets in Conisbrough.
The sign outside the closed St Peter's Church public toilets in Conisbrough.

Community leaders, along with members of the public, have joined together to complain about the lack of any public toilets in Conisbrough.

The only conveniences for public use were built outside St Peter’s Church in Church Street and have been closed for over four years. The building is being sold to Conisbrough Forward.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “The library was the only other venue which was available for public use, and while it was under the Doncaster Council, the public were allowed to use these facilities.

“However since the building went into the care of volunteers this is no longer available to anyone needing the toilets, other than those using the library.

“As heritage and volunteer groups are seeking to attract visitors to the area it is totally unacceptable that this necessary service is not provided for.”

Chaz Prouten, who is a volunteer member of En tour along with a stalwart member of the British Legion, said: “It is ridiculous that the sign still directs people to the library when the toilets there are not for public use.

“Besides the library is open for just a few hours. It is time that this matter was looked into.

“We have complained to everyone and have still got nowhere.”

Assistant Director of Communities Karen Johnson said: “Public toilets have been difficult to maintain for councils across the UK, as they are often targeted for vandalism and misuse.

“Toilets on Church Street, Conisbrough, have been closed for several years due to repeated vandalism, although public facilities remain available at Conisbrough Library.

“Where possible, we work with parish and town councils to keep public toilets open, such as in Thorne and Askern.

“If any group is interested in taking on responsibility for re-opening and managing toilets on Church Street, we would be happy to discuss this with them.”

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