ELECTION PROFILE: Doncaster North constituency

Bentley High Street
Bentley High Street

With just 26 days to go until the General Election, immigration, the economy, scrapping zero-hour contracts and austerity cuts are what our readers tells us are the most important issues for those living in the Doncaster North constituency.

As Labour leader Ed Miliband embarks on the battle to become Prime Minister in one of the most hotly contested elections for decades, his constituency in Doncaster North is set to be placed under a microscope with the country watching to see which way people will vote.

With the pressures of being leader of the opposition and striving to stay ahead in the opinion polls, his constituents will no doubt be asking themselves whether they have seen enough of Mr Miliband, and if he has done a good enough job in representing them.

And, as thousands of people in the constituency make their way to the polling station on May 7, which issues will help the electorate to decide which way they want to vote? Speaking on social media, our readers told us that there are wealth of different things that will influence which candidate’s name they choose to put a cross next to.

Mick Jenkinson wrote: “What I would want to know is what the 3 labour mp’s are going to about the savage funding cuts to dmbc over the last 5 yrs from the Tories.

He added: “Plus EU immigration & the effect on schools and nhs.”

William Gursky said what matters to him in this election is: “Welfare cuts, NHS cuts, the constant badgering of poorer people, zero hour contracts.” Commenting on what her election priorities are Christine Bailey said: “Immigration, departing europe, NHS, proper jobs with proper wages not zero hours.”

Speaking on what will influence his vote, Steve Craft said: “Balancing the books. Labour claims to be for working people but so many of their policies are aimed at the non working population. And some of labors policies are stupid. Freezing energy bills? How? Raising the min wage to £8? How much will that cost British business?”

Stuart Beardsall questioned whether Mr Miliband, who was elected as MP for the constituency in 2005, has been seen enough in Doncaster. He said: “He is a multi millionaire from north London who has never had a job other than politician to have him represent north doncaster is a joke he has absolutely no connection with the people and despite being head of a major party has done nothing for the town. It’s about time we had someone from Doncaster with doncaster in their heart rather than us being used as a safe haven for north London elite.

“Can we really afford to elect a labour party led by Milliband and Balls these are the two who between them almost bankrupted the country.”

Some people’s intentions on May 7 may not involve a polling station.

Over the last 23 years, turnout in the ward has fluctuated. From a very high turnout of 73.9 per cent in 1992, to the lowest turnout in the constituency’s history of 50.5 per cent in 2001 - no-one seems able to predict how many will turn out on polling day.

The Doncaster North constituency was created in 1983 from parts of the seats of Don Valley and Goole and currently consists of the following areas: Adwick, Askern Spa, Bentley, Great North Road, Mexborough, Moorends, Sprotbrough and Stainforth.

The seat has been a Labour stronghold since it was created, with the highest number of votes – 55 per cent or 21,937 – won by ex-Doncaster coal miner and Government whip, Kevin Hughes in 1997.

Time is running out for Doncaster constituents to have their say in this year’s election, as the deadline for registering to vote on Monday April 20.

If you are not yet registered you can either visit https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can also download a voter registration form from that website and send in your application by post.