VIDEO: Exam success for GCSE smart students from The Isle

Students from schools in The Isle have been celebrating after gaining the grades they aimed for in their GCSE exams.

Young people from South Axholme and Axholme academies are now looking forward to going into higher education – many at John Leggott College in Scunthorpe.

South Axholme Academy pupil Evie Beaumont is thrilled with her GCSE results.

South Axholme Academy pupil Evie Beaumont is thrilled with her GCSE results.

Evie, 16, from Epworth, was looking forward to life at John Leggott after a series of A, A* and B grades in her GCSEs.

She said: “I am ecstatic about my grades. I was a bit nervous but I’ve worked very hard for these marks and I couldn’t be more happy.”

Her fiend Sarah Bannister, 16, of Mill Lane in Westwoodside, said: “I’m so pleased I achieved what I imagined I would with A grades. I have to pay tribute to my teachers who have been fantastic.”

Another student at the academy, Hannah Cousins, 16, of King Oswald Road, Epworth, added: “These grades are much better than I expected. I thought I’d done badly in some subjects but I’ve done well in everything.”

Axholme Academy students were equally pleased. Charlotte Ellwood, 16, from Althorpe, said: “I’m really pleased with my results. I got A stars, A’s and a B. I now intend to go to John Leggott College in Scunthorpe to study mathematics, science, French, English Language and biology. I was nervous this morning but now I’m overjoyed.”

Her friend Kirsten Carney, 16, of Mill Road in Crowle, said: “I was nervous this morning but I’ve achieved higher results than I imagined I would. I’ll now go to John Leggott to study sociology, mathematics, GCSE Spanish and maybe English language.”

Fellow student Nicholas McCaughey, 16, said he was “over the moon” to achieve passes in his weakest subjects English and French and added: “I did well in my science subjects and will study at John Leggott for A-levels in these disciplines now. I am so relieved to achieve passes in French and English.”