Parents warned after stranger danger scare at Doncaster school

Ridgewood School, Barnsley Road, Scawsby. Picture: Marie Caley NDOS Ridgewood MC 1
Ridgewood School, Barnsley Road, Scawsby. Picture: Marie Caley NDOS Ridgewood MC 1

Parents have been put on red alert after a Doncaster school pupil was asked to get in to a car by a stranger.

The worrying incident took place outside Ridgewood School, Barnsley Road, on Monday.

Parents of children in the area have been warned after the incident.

Schools to issue a warning include Sprotbrough Infant School, Field House Road, which has put parents on alert.

Headteacher Elaine Martin sent a letter to all parents on Tuesday afternoon asking them to be careful.

The letter said: “On June 22 2015 a year eight pupil was asked to get in to a silver car at the end of the school day. The pupil did not know the driver of the car.

“I know you will all want to be extra vigilant and keep your child close when bringing them to school and collecting at the end of the day.

“We will remind children about ‘stranger danger’, but I am sure you will want to reinforce this message at home.”

Deputy headteacher Kate Westerman said: “I think any school would be concerned by this, but when we received the information we did the right thing by passing it on to parents.

“We will we will be vigilant in school and we have asked parents to be vigilant too.”

Rachel Rix, safeguarding officer at Ridgewood School, said pupils have been told of the incident and advised how to keep safe.

She said: “Students are educated in the different aspects of keeping themselves safe including physically, socially and via electronic media.

“Information and guidance are provided through assemblies, and form time, to ensure that students are kept up to date and informed of current concerns within the community. ”

Doncaster Council cabinet member for children, young people and schools Coun Nuala Fennelly urged parents to talk to their children about possible dangers posed by strangers.

She said: “This is an important reminder for our young people to stay safe when travelling to and from school. The student in question acted in just the right way, by refusing to talk to this person and reporting the incident.

“It is important that parents and carers make sure their children know what to do in this kind of situation, and I advise anyone else who sees someone acting suspiciously near a school or trying to approach young people to report it to a member of school staff.”