Parents back to the classroom to help manage children’s behaviour

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Parents and carers have graduated at the Wheatley Children’s Centre in Doncaster after undertaking its first parenting course.

Mums and dads who use the children’s centre in Old School Way, off Beckett Road, completed a training course in behaviour management and learned about the importance of play and praise in supporting children to behave positively.

The 12-week course looks at how parents can encourage their child’s social skills and increase good behaviour. The skills include how to manage misbehaviour and teaching children to problem-solve.

The course was run by workers from the children’s centre along with health visiting teams. The children’s centre is managed by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

Health visitor Helen Hossell, from RDaSH, said: “It has been brilliant to see parents really enjoying coming to the group. It’s amazing to see the change in them over the 12-week course as they grow in confidence.”

The course was run as part of the The Incredible Years programme, which has been developed by Professor Carolyn Webster-Stratton, director of the Parenting Clinic at The University of Washington, to help parents deal with problem children.

The courses focus on building the parent-child relationship by encouraging parents to become more involved with their children, teaching them how to play with them, praise and reward them, set limits and handle misbehaviour.

Wheatley Children’s Centre offers a wide range of family support to children and families living in the local community.

Many of its services are open access while some of its work is referred in by professionals such as health visitors. Workers also offer outreach support to families and work with them in the home.