North Lincolnshire five year olds continue to achieve above national average

David Rose
David Rose

Five year olds in North Lincolnshire have once again achieved above the national average in the Early Years Foundation Stage, with 72 per cent reaching a good level of development in 2017.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework is a national framework, developed by early year’s experts and parents to support professionals and parents to help children develop. In the summer term of children’s Reception year at school, their teacher carries out an assessment based on their observations over a period of time, as well as parents’ knowledge about their child.

In North Lincolnshire in 2017 the large majority of five year olds achieved at least the expected level in:

communication and language;

physical development;

personal, social and emotional development;



Councillor David Rose, cabinet member for children, families and learning, said: “Once again our five year olds have made fantastic achievements before and during their first year at school. This is testament to the role parents, carers and professionals play in their lives. With over 70 per cent achieving at least the expected level for their age in key developmental areas, the foundation is set for lifelong learning.

“Parents, childcare providers, such as childminders, pre-schools and nurseries, and schools in North Lincolnshire do a huge amount of work together, to help our children reach their potential at age five and beyond. Our successful Imagination Library scheme, where every child in the county can receive a free book each month from birth until their fifth birthday, supports this learning.

“Children, their families and professionals should be extremely proud of these achievements and I congratulate them on their success.”