Mum’s petition against changes to school hol rules

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A frustrated mum has launched a petition against changes to the rules around taking children out of school for family holidays.

Emma Whiting aims to gather 100,000 signatures on her online petition, which is calling for a reversal of the regulation amendments.

From September 1, parents will be forbidden from taking their children on holiday during term time unless there are ‘exceptional circumstances’. If they do, they face a fine of £60 per parent, per child.

Emma, from Cantley, said: “I think that all children, no matter what income their family are on, should be entitled to a holiday. They’re basically saying that unless your family earn a lot of money, your children isn’t entitled to a holiday ever again.

“I think all children should be entitled to enjoy quality time with their family on holiday together. I think they’re targeting the wrong parents. They’re going too far.”

At the moment, children with a good attendance record can take up to ten days off school with the headteacher’s authorisation.

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