Improvements help school out of special measures


A Doncaster school has been moved out of special measures by government inspectors after improving areas of weakness.

Hawthorn Primary in Cantley was previously classed as inadequate by Ofsted, but following a visit in December has been upgraded to ‘requires improvement’.

The report said low level of development at the end of the Early Years Foundation stage meant that some children were not well-enough prepared for learning at Key Stage 1.

Inspectors found attainment in writing was a weakness, with handwriting not taught systematically and incorrect letter formation often left unchecked.

The report said: “Teachers’ expectations of how pupils should behave, some of which are quite new, have not been accepted by a small minority of pupils.”

However, the inspectors also found a number of strengths.

They said achievement at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 had improved strongly, especially in mathematics, adding: “In 2013 at the end of Key Stage 2, attainment in mathematics was above average and progress was oustanding.

“Leaders have taken effective action to improve the areas of weakness identified at the last inspection.

“Behaviour has improved and teaching is better. However, achievement, behaviour and teaching are not yet good.”

The Ofsted inspectors said new headteacher Diane Wakefield demonstrated ambition and commitment to continue the school’s improvement.