Good but still room for improvements

A PRIMARY is a ‘good and improving’ school, according to an Ofsted report.

Sandhill Primary School improved on its previous ‘satisfactory’ rating and was said to be ‘good’ - the second highest - in key areas, including teaching, behaviour, management and pupil achievement.

Lead Inspector Jo Sharpe said in her November 12 report that pupils at the Great Houghton school largely progress in English and maths at levels above those expected for their age.

Teaching in all subjects was said to ‘excite pupils and help them to learn quickly’.

Youngsters were praised for their good behaviour, while managers “regularly check the quality of teaching and this has been effective in raising standards.”

Governors were said to challenge the school well.

But there are a few areas needed for improvement before the school can achieve the highest rating of ‘outstanding’.

The report said marking “does not always help pupils to know how to improve their work.”

Pupils on the school council should have more of a say in what happens around school.

Headteacher Judith Hirst said: “We are all extremely pleased and proud with the report.

“It acknowledges the efforts and determination of the whole school community in raising standards and driving the school forward.

“Future plans are already underway to ensure that Sandhill continues to be the best it can be.”