Father’s anger at school ‘policy’

A FATHER has demanded answers from his son’s school, after the boy wet himself because, he said, he “was not allowed to go to the toilet”.

The 12-year old was in class at Mexborough School swhen he asked to leave the classroom and was told “point blank no”, the angry dad told the Times this week.

As a result, the boy was forced to take the bus home in uncomfortably damp clothes, and was upset and humiliated, said his father.

The dad was further incensed when he rang the school to be told it was “school policy” to refuse youngsters toilet trips.

But headteacher Mirjam Buhler-Willey later contacted the Times to explain that there had been a “blip” on that particular day.

“Staff had been informed that there was an unusually high number of pupils out of class to go to the toilet or otherwise, so it was for them to use their discretion in the circumnstances”, said the head.

“This pupil was asked to wait when he made a request but most students would ask again a bit later if they needed to.

“That didn’t happen, but I have spoken to the parents and this has been quickly resolved.

“We don’t want a repeat of the situation so this student now has a ‘timeout’ card meaning he is allowed to go out of class to the toilet”.

The boy’s father said: “I appreciate that the headteacher took the time to ring me and I’m pleased that the problem’s resolved, but I still think it should never have happened in the first place.

“It seems cruel not to allow a pupil to go out when they need to”.