Children are taught the dangers of starting fires

CHILDREN spent part of their summer break being given a closer look at the problems caused by deliberate fires.

A group of 10 youngsters from Moorends and Stainforth attended Thorne Fire Station in Union Road to give them an insight into the work firefighters do and to raise their awareness of the dangers of starting fires.

The day was organised by Thorne & Moorends and Stainforth Safer Neighbourhood Teams with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, as part of an anti-social behaviour operation to reduce nuisance behaviour in the area.

The young people, aged eight to 14, were given information by the firefighters about the dangers of lighting fires and the consequences it can have, not only for them, but for residents nearby.

They were given a tour of the fire station and spent time learning how to use equipment, including ladders, hoses and breathing apparatus.

Children and young person’s officer PC Chris Plumridge, who organised the course, said: “All the youngsters enjoyed themselves, with everyone getting involved in the activities. As well as being a fun visit they were given some pretty hard hitting information from the fire officers regarding the dangers of lighting fires, and the consequences such behaviour can have for them and local residents. More sessions are planned as part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.”