Boy suspended for bringing knife into Doncaster primary school

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NEWS: News.

A parent says she fears for her children’s safety after a pupil was disciplined for bringing a knife into the Doncaster primary school they both attend.

A boy at Balby Central Primary School was suspended after bringing the blade onto the premises.

Police attended after the boy was reported and the school today stressed it had followed clear guidelines in dealing with the incident earlier this month.

The boy is believed to have been keeping the knife in his school bag.

Staff at the school, which teaches around 460 pupils, were alerted to the weapon the following day, after a pupil told their parents the boy had showed them the knife, said the mother.

The type of knife the youngster was carrying is not yet known.

Now a parent, who does not want to be named, says she is concerned her two children may not be safe at the school.

She added: “It’s very, very worrying.

“And what’s worse is the fact that I only found out because another parent told me, the school haven’t said anything about it at all.

“At the moment I’m really not sure about how safe my children are.

“This is the first time I’ve had any cause for concern at the school, it’s been completely fine up until now.

“Not all the other parents know about it.

“I think that when something serious like that happens at the school, all parents should be made aware of what’s going on.”

The Star understands the boy was excluded for a total of four days and returned to school at the end of last week.

He is believed to have received counselling following the incident, which will be continued next term.

Emma Cooke, headteacher of Balby Central Primary School, said: “This has been an exceptional and unfortunate incident, which will understandably be concerning to parents, pupils and staff.

“However, we have followed clear and robust guidelines to deal with this situation quickly. We dealt with the issue according to our behaviour policy and by following guidance from the local authority.

“The school has accessed support from relevant agencies and the Police Community Support Officer regarding the matter and this support will continue after the Easter break.”