Anti bullying school event

This year the focus is on verbal bullying and the slogan is ‘Stop and think – words can hurt’.

North Lincolnshire Council coordinates the campaign in this area and brings together children, parents, teachers and other childcare professionals to share their ideas. The main aim is to ensure youngsters know what to do if they are bullied or see someone else being bullied.

Groups of children of all ages from different schools and colleges in North Lincolnshire meet every term to show what they are doing to combat bullying in their schools.

There are a host of activities taking place during the week and Epworth Primary School has organised an anti-bullying parents evening. The school has undertaken a lot of work for the anti-bullying campaign in North Lincolnshire and is now introducing more parents to the project.

During the summer term, a group of eight children from years five and six worked in pairs to plan, prepare and present lessons about bullying to year three pupils.

These ‘junior teachers’ are helping to make sure younger children know what to do if they are bullied or see someone else being bullied.

NLC’s cabinet member for Children’s and Adult Services, Councillor Rob Waltham, said: “This year’s theme gives us all the chance to think more about the things we say and the negative effects our words can have on others.

“Spreading rumours and calling people names can all too easily develop into verbal bullying and it is vital that it doesn’t go unchallenged.

“School children and college students from all corners of North Lincolnshire, along with parents, teachers and others who work with children, are doing some excellent work and Anti-Bullying Week gives them the opportunity to celebrate their achievements.”