Earn yourself an award for community service

DEARNE tenants of Berneslai Homes could receive help in achieving formal qualifications.

Berneslai Homes has become an accredited centre to deliver tenant qualifications for the Chartered Institute of Housing.

The qualifications are part of the CIH’s Active Learning for Residents and recognise residents’ contributions to their neighbourhoods.

The two awards offered by Berneslai include:

Level 2 Award in Community Action for Housing (equivalent to one GCSE). This award is aimed at accrediting the skills that residents develop by being active in their community.

Level 3 Award in Governance (equivalent to one A level). This is aimed at developing the skills of first time board members or those tenants interested in becoming a board member.

The programme offers residents one to one support. If you are a Berneslai tenant or leaseholder who may be interested in these qualifications e-mail communityengagement@berneslaihomes.co.uk.