DVV Centre appeal - use it or lose it!

MORE volunteers are needed to keep a Bolton community hub open.

Funding streams that have helped pay for core workers in the past at the Dearne Valley Venture Centre have dried up, and just a few overburdened helpers are keeping projects going.

Chairman of Dearne Valley Venture, Malcolm Jevons, said: “It is increasingly difficult to keep running, and we need new projects to attract more funding in to the centre.”

Leaflets outlining current activities, and inviting people to come forward with new ideas are to be delivered around the area.

A loss of funding for a position that was key in instigating groups and helping subsidise the rent was a major blow to the centre. New ideas for courses may be taken up by the Workers’ Education Association (WEA).

“We’re hopeful of continuing and have cut back as much as we can,” said Mr Jevons.