Dream trip for siblings with same condition

A MUM has told the heartbreaking story of how two of her children were born with a life shortening condition nine years apart.

Ben and Ella Green both suffer from cystic fibrosis (CF) and both require constant treatment.

Speaking to the Free Press about receiving the devastating news that Ella also had the condition, Karen said: “Obviously with it being a genetic condition we knew there was a chance Ella could have it. We were told there was a one in four chance but we just thought fate wouldn’t be so cruel as to let it happen to us twice.

“They both have good days and bad days and are in and out of hospital but for them they’ve never really known any different so they just get on with it.”

The story of Ben, 14, and five-year-old Ella a pupil at Brooke Primary, was the subject of a moving TV documentary last night

It focused on how the family copes with the condition which affects major organs and how the pair, mum Karen, 38, dad Peter, 40, and one-year-old brother Jack - who does not have cystic fibrosis - were taken on a holiday of a lifetime to Disneyland courtesy of charity Starlight.

Karen, of Foxhill Road, said: “Ben went to America when he was younger but we’ve never all been away together as a family. “We were put in touch with the foundation through Doncaster Royal Infirmary and Ben’s first choice wish was the holiday. I think he really wanted to share the experience with his siblings.

“There are times when I saw how much they were enjoying themselves on the holiday and it was emotional but I just try and think no one knows how long they have. I’m just so glad we got to do this as a family and the children have some great memories.

“Just to see their faces was amazing. They had such a fabulous time and we want to say a big thank you to Starlight, it was a dream come true.”

In an emotional interview during the documentary Trinity Academy pupil Ben, who also needs physiotherapy twice a day as part of his treatment, said: “It’s something that we can all keep in our heads and never forget.”

The Starlight: For The Children documentary is repeated on Sunday at 10am on Channel Five. To refer a child or to make a donation, to Starlight Children’s Foundation log on to www.starlight.org.uk or call 020 7262 2881.