Dramatic rescue of Ealand woman will feature on TV

Julie Reed from Ealand who was rescued by Yorkshire Air Ambulance
Julie Reed from Ealand who was rescued by Yorkshire Air Ambulance

A dramatic helicopter rescue of an Ealand woman who fell while out walking is to feature on a BBC TV show.

Julie Reed of Kings Meadow suffered two breaks in her ankle as she and her family visited the Yorkshire Dales between Christmas and New Year.

Her recovery was aided by the speedy response of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance - which was being filmed by popular fly-on-the-wall TV show Helicopter Heroes at the time - whose staff scrambled to the scene to give vital first aid.

Julie, a Crowle and Ealand town councillor, explained: “We have a caravan near Leyburn, so between Christmas and New Year we decided to have a walk to blow the cobwebs away.

“I was walking along and I must have found a tree root, my ankle went over and there was a big crack.

“My husband and son had gone off in front to a waterfall, I shouted for them but they couldn’t hear me because of the noise of the water, then I started to get a bit chilly.”

A few minutes later Julie’s family returned to find her.

“My husband rang for the emergency services and we were very fortunate that they were in the area and the air ambulance was there within ten minutes,” she added.

“They had to cut all my clothing away round my leg and put me in a supporting bag and they had to carry me over stiles. It was quite difficult for them.

“The cameraman from the TV show was carrying me a lot of the way too so I don’t know how much footage he got!”

Julie was taken to hospital in Darlington where she was found to have suffered two breaks in her ankle which had to be set using a large metal pin and half a dozen bolts. She told the Bells/Advertiser she was hoping to have her pot removed today (Thursday) and a boot fitted which means she will be able to start putting pressure on to her foot.

And she said of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance: “I couldnt praise the service enough, they were absolutely outstanding, incredibly good and very helpful.

“A land ambulance also attended and they were really good as well.”

The exact date of the screening of Helicopter Heroes is not known but Julie said she expected it to be later next month.