Dozens of stop and search operations carried out in Isle of Axholme

Police in Harrogate
Police in Harrogate

Dozens of stop and search operations were carried out by police in the Isle over the last year for issues ranging from drugs to firearms.

Police made three arrests in the Isle of Axholme as a result of carrying out stop and search operations over a year, figures reveal.



Figures published by the police show that in total there were 28 stop and searches carried out between June 1015 and May 2016 - the most recent figures available.

The searches were carried out for reasons ranging from suspicions that people were carrying drugs, to concerns that they may have guns on them.

Coun David Rose, whose own ward, Axholme South, saw 12 people stopped and searched according to the figures, said: “I think most people think that we live in a relatively crime free area, but I think it is heartening that we have a police presence and that they are prepared to take action when they deem it necessary.

“It is one of the weapons in the police armoury to prevent crime.

“I think local people might be surprised that there have been as many stop and search incidents recorded over the course of the year.”

The most recent stop and search published on a dedicated police website this week were a person search and a vehicle search at Northfield Close, East Butterwick, on April 17, at 2.15am. Both resulted in warnings for drugs possession.

One of the arrests under the stop and search powers was made at Market Place, Crowle, where a man was arrested over an offensive weapon on September 18.

The other two arrests were both on Epworth Road, near Low Burnham, under drugs laws, at 8.30pm on February 1. Both were people aged between 18 and 24.

In total, eight people were stopped and searched at the same time and place in Low Burnham, although nothing was found on six of them.

Seven stop and searches were made in Crowle, including one at a supermarket on February 12 on suspicion of an offensive weapon; and one at Cox Lane on February 12 on suspicion of controlled drugs. Four were searched at Godnow Road, Crowle on January 25, with nothing found.

Two people were stopped and searched at Woodgarr Avenue, Keadby, on February 6 at 9.45pm.

Two drugs searches were carried out at Poplar Crescent, Althorpe, on October 11 at 6.15pm, but nothing was found; and one person was searched at the A161, Ealand, but nothing was found.

Four people were searched at Cherry Orchard, Epworth on December 28. Nothing was found.

Two people were stopped and searched because of concerns they may have firearms on Doncaster Road, near Westwoodside on July 18 1015. Nothing was found.

Humberside Police Supt Ed Cook said searches on the Isle of Axholme amount to just one search per fortnight, and they were almost exclusively conducted by officers on targeted preventative crime patrols. He added: “We discuss crime patterns and trends on a daily basis, and conduct fortnightly analysis to make sure our officers and PCSOs are patrolling areas where crime is currently occurring.”

Supt Ed Cook who oversees Community Policing operations said the force was a voluntary signatory to the Home Office ‘Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme’. meaning it is committed to being transparent about searches. It also offers members of the public the opportunity to observe searches, and will shortly have all search records scrutinised by an independent Community body.

He said: “We discuss crime patterns on a daily basis, and conduct fortnightly analysis to make sure our officers and PCSOs are patrolling areas where crime is currently occurring. Three of these searches led to arrests, and although the remainder did not this did not mean that they were unjustified, rather that there was insufficient evidence at that point to use arrest powers. Stop and Search is just one power we use when officers have reasonable suspicion an individual may have stolen or otherwise illegal items on their possession.”