Dozens of Doncaster Staples’ workers at risk of losing their jobs

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About 90 workers risk losing their jobs after stationery giant Staples confirmed it has proposed to close its Doncaster contact centre.

The company says it is looking to ‘consolidate’ and ‘centralise’ the business and has proposed to move its contact centre to Birmingham, putting a total of 92 employees at risk of losing their jobs. A Staples spokesman said the company had begun its consultation process at the Staples Direct centre at the industrial estate on Sandall Stone Road, Kirk Sandall, but stressed no final decision had been made.

The spokesman told The Star: “Staples Europe is streamlining its operations as it transforms its business.

“Throughout the process, Staples plans to consult with its associates though elected representatives. The company will have no further comment during the consultation period.”

A Staples employee, who did not want to be named, said staff had been told the centre would be closed within nine months, with some workers to be made redundant as soon as this autumn.

The worker said: “It’s a real shame because you’ve got very highly skilled people who aren’t paid very much but have been there for a long time because they love it. We found out last week.

“People are doing better now, but last week everyone was very upset. We heard that one girl collapsed because she got so upset.”

Three different departments of the company are based at the contact centre including Staples Advantage, Retail Support and Staples Direct, a company call centre which employs around 70 people.

The Staples retail branch in Doncaster, based on Wheatley Hall Road, is believed to be safe from closure.