Double horror for Doncaster bomb blast girl

Police at the arena.
Police at the arena.

A Doncaster schoolgirl, injured in a shocking robbery as a tot, was caught up in the Manchester bombing last week, her mum has revealed.

Mum Andrea Larder says daughter Alleyah, now aged 12, was injured in 2007 in a robbery at a supermarket near Sandall Park.

And last week the youngster suffered new horror after being just seconds away from the terrorist bomb at Manchester Arena after a pop concert

Andrea said she suffered crush injuries in the 2007 incident, from being crushed between a door and a concrete wall, while her daughter, a pupil at Trinity Academy, suffered whiplash.

She said Alleyah also suffered post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident when she was two.

Andrea says she herself has been left bedbound by what happened with a number of conditions including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - an inflammatory disease that attacks the nervous system causing constant pain. She is on medication for the symptoms and is still fighting for compensation for what happened 10 years on.

Her daughter used to scream if someone wearing black entered the house and Andrea still cannot talk about exactly what happened on the day of the incident.

Alleyah got the chance to see the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester after family friend Tracy Rushworth, of Kirkhouse Green, offered to take her along with her children.

She had been looking forward to the show with excitement.

Andrea, aged 50, of Thorne, said: “She is quite housebound because of what I went through, so we jumped at the chance for her to go. She couldn’t wait.”

Alleyah and her friends had just got out of the venue when they heard the bomb go off, and ran.

Andrea received a phone call from a shocked Tracy from the scene.

Andrea said: “Tracy rang to tell us they were all right. There was screaming and the sound of sirens in the background.

“I could see the scene on the television. I just fell to bits - it was awful. Tracy was trying to keep the kids calm.

“They didn’t get back until 3am. I was just trembling and crying.”

When Alleyah got home they hugged with tears in their eyes.

She said Alleyah had been quiet and subdued as a result of what happened.

“I feel so bad,” she added. “I feel awful because of what happened last time, and now she has been through this.”