Doncaster yobs launch ‘missiles’ at buses

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Bus company bosses say they may be forced to permanently change a service route in a Doncaster town due to yobs launching ‘missiles’ at moving buses.

The latest incident occurred just before 8pm on Sunday when the 87 First bus service was forced to divert from its normal route in Stainforth after a group of youths threw objects at the bus while it was in motion.

The bus was travelling along Junction Road and onto Princess Avenue when it was attacked.

It was forced to divert down East Lane as a result of the incident.

And now bosses at First are considering permanently changing the 87 service route if groups in the area continue to attack buses due to ‘health and safety’ concerns for staff and passengers.

A spokesman for First told The Star: “There have been a number of incidents, involving what we believe are large of gangs of young people, who over the last few weeks have been blocking the roads and throwing missiles at buses in Stainforth.”

He added: “When we say missiles, we mean they have been picking up anything from the road and throwing it at the buses.

“No-one has been seriously hurt yet, but that’s partly due to bus drivers acting very quickly when they know of incidents taking place.

“We’re working with the police to try to tackle this before someone is seriously hurt and want to ask people in the community to call Crimestoppers anonymously and pass on any information they have.

“Diverting bus services is a last resort, because we know what an inconvenience it can be for passengers, but we have no other choice. We may have to look at changing the route, although we obviously hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Stainforth residents say gangs of young people have been targeting bus services on a ‘nightly basis’ over the past few weeks.

Speaking on social media, Gaz Robbo said: “Been happening for the last two weeks, so why are the police not doing anything about it? Are they waiting until a driver or passenger gets seriously injured before they act? Would love to know where the parents are whilst this is going on.”

Zoe Stennett added: “I saw the gang down our backings last night causing trouble, mainly lads aged about 16 upwards. Fed up of reporting the trouble as nothing seems to get done about it, all they tell you is they know there is a problem in the village.”