Doncaster Voices: How can we improve town’s public transport?

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Bill Morrison, East Doncaster Development Trustees Chair

Let’s mount a campaign to bring local transport back under local control. What we have now is a mishmash designed to maximise profit at the expense of public service. They even changed the name of the driver’s licence to hide the fact it was now a cash machine service and not a public service. Doncaster had the finest of public transport and it made money before 1974. We have two or more buses running on the same stretch of road, within seconds of each other, then nothing for the next hour. That is not service! I fully understand the principle of multiple routes, sharing the same road. Fine, but it does not serve local needs. For example do you remember Balby, Bentley, Wheatley Hills – local services for local people. They shared the road with out of town routes. To move forward, you have to look back.

Doug Wright, Keep Our NHS Public Doncaster & Bassetlaw spokesman

Who can forget the good council bus services with reasonable fares in Doncaster many moons ago that can still be seen in some lucky towns and cities? Who is grateful for our privatised bus services when First and Stagecoach delete or reduce buses when gross profits are slightly reduced in one year or they just decide to have a ‘revision of services’? Formed in 2016, lauded Doncaster Bus Partnership may be useful but, since its meetings are held in secret, I don’t know and doubt it. Remote Sheffield City Region Transport Committee has not met since May and is or was subject of FoI request asking if has been disbanded. Reversing privatisation is the way forward. We can and should have accountability in transport committees and try to obtain more, or at least maintain, funding for SYPTEC.

Aimee Crossland, Doncaster Youth Parliament Member

Transport has always been a huge issue for young people of Doncaster. It is used for a multitude of things but most important is independence. It allows young people to travel alone but many don’t feel transport lives up to their needs. To combat this Travel South Yorkshire meet with members of Doncaster Youth Council as well as others in the area to discuss problems and look at ways to fix them. For young people, transport to school can be an issue as being solely reliant on public transport can lead to students being late for school and missing valuable lessons. This can easily be fixed with buses being on time and better routes. Unfortunately, young people on public transport are seen as a menace by staff and other passengers, meaning the majority are treated unfairly, which needs to change.

Margaret Herbert, Doncaster Resident

This is a serious issue, in my opinion one of the causes of decline in retail trading and market trading.. Routes are not well planned, some areas having over 40 minutes wait between buses, and lack of buses after 6pm. We have a hideous situation on Wheatley Hall Road, where we have a great outlet with bus stops, but no buses. Once we had a bus that covered Wheatley Hall Road, Clay Lane, Edenthorpe and went to Thorne, which was extremely well used. Surely there are other bus companies who could cover some of these areas. I would like to see a bus service in the market area on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, as I have to carry my shopping up Baxtergate, through Frenchgate Centre, up then down in the lift to the bus station, so I now buy less from the market and more from the local supermarket nearer to home.