Doncaster vicar is digging for his dream

A Doncaster vicar is digging for his dream and transforming a much loved town church.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18 April, 2018, 09:20
Reverend Jonathan Strickland digging for his dream

Over ten years ago, the Reverend Jonathan Strickland put forward to the members of St Nicholas Church, in Bawtry, a plan to make it more user-friendly.

Rev Strickland and his team spend their week going out into the community, but their dream is for the people to visit and enjoy being in the church as well.

But they are not stopping there. The church is now being extended to provide a toilet and meeting room.

Rev Strickland said: “It’s been embarrassing to explain to visitors that we don’t have a toilet in the church building. I am praying and thinking hard to find a way to get this project across the finish line.”