Doncaster team return from Sweden to spread the sign

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A team from Doncaster Deaf Trust have returned from Sweden, where they took part in the inaugural meeting for the new Spread Share – connecting training of deaf pupils in a European project.

Following the news that further funding had been found for an online, free international sign language tool, the group, made up of 13 countries, met to plan their next steps.

Alan Robinson, executive principal of Doncaster Deaf Trust, who attended the meeting said: “We were delighted to be flying the flag for the UK in Sweden and making sure that members of the Deaf community in our country have a voice.

“Deaf pupils and students have specific needs through the use of sign language and there are very few educational materials readily available to them.

“Through the new funding we are hoping to build a transnational sharing platform for teachers and trainers within vocational education and training and other schools.

“The main focus will be to produce education materials and create the opportunity to learn across boarders from others countries.”

The project is also seeking to develop the google map function on a European scale and it is hoped that this tool will enable students to search the name of cities in sign language making it easier to travel among European countries.

The project has received funding for three years and the Deaf Trust will be hosting an international meeting in the UK in 2018.

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