Doncaster school pupils show signs of healthy living

Katie Roffe and other pupils at Adwick Park
Katie Roffe and other pupils at Adwick Park

A Doncaster school has kicked off a new Healthy Parks initiative for the town, unveiling a park sign that was designed by a pupil.

Doncaster Council and the school ran a competition for students atAdwick Primary School from Years 5 and 6 to design posters that could be incorporated into the campaign, with the sign for the entrance of the park to be made from the winning design.

11 year-old Katie Roffe from Year 6 was the competition winner, and her image now proudly sits in place at the front gate of Adwick park.

Katie and some of her school friends got together to reveal the new design.

Headteacher of Adwick Primary School, Sharon Hutchison said: “We are proud to support the Healthy Parks initiative, and pleased that one of our students, Katie, has designed the sign that will be at the entrance to the park for many years to come. It is important that all of our children and their families know how important it is to get regular fresh air and exercise, and keep our parks and green spaces clean and pleasant to encourage people to get out and enjoy them.

Councillor Tony Corden, Cabinet member, said: “The Healthy Parks initiative is a great way to encourage the people of Doncaster to get out and make the most of their local parks, as we are lucky to have nice areas where people can go to exercise and enjoy themselves. I’d like to congratulate Katie for her great design which is now open for people to go and see at Adwick park.”

The Healthy Parks initiative is a project designed to raise awareness of how to make your local park a ‘healthy park’ using messages created by the children that use them.

If you are interested in the initiative, contact Doncaster’s Public Health Team at