Doncaster’s best cheesy chat-up lines for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

LOVE is in the air today - and the search is on for Doncaster’s smoothest talkers this St Valentine’s Day.

For The Barley Twist Table Table restaurant has launched a search for Doncaster’s best chat up lines - and the Free Press went out and about on the streets to give them a hand.

To celebrate the season of true love, local residents are being invited to send in their best chat up lines that would make even Cupid blush, to be in with a chance of winning a romantic dinner for two as well as a bottle of bubbly.

KATIE THOMSON took to the streets of Doncaster to hear the best (and worst) of your chat-up lines...

Nicola Bennett, 18, of Scawthorpe

“There is one chat-up line where a man will try to read the tag in the back of your t-shirt and when you ask what he is doing he will say ‘checking if you were made in heaven’. “To be honest, I think they are a bit cheesy and nobody falls for them anymore.”

Nicola O’ Brien, 19, Arksey

“My boyfriend once got me 12 roses, one of them was fake, and told me he would love me until the last one dies. My middle name is Rose as well so it was quite romantic. “I don’t think there is really any good chat-up lines that work for people you have just met.”

Adrian Hart, 42, Denaby

“How I got together with my lass was when I was quite drunk I told her there was something I needed to say to her when I was a little bit more sober. She chased me up on it when I had sobered up and I told her I had fancied her for a long time and she told me she felt the same. “We’re still together, it’s been 26 years now. I don’t think a chat up line would have been a good idea.”

Wayne Atkins, 39, Conisbrough

“I think chat-up lines are a good thing, I use them all the time and nine times out of ten they work. I am a bit of a romantic.”

Carol Simcox, 64, Kennington Ave, Woodlands

“I haven’t heard any chat-up lines for a long time, I’ve been married to my husband for 43 years and he couldn’t think of one if he tried. “One that was popular back in the day was ‘do you come here often?’ but I don’t think they are important, they don’t mean a lot nowadays.

Carl Robinson, 35, Highfield Road

“I can’t say I have ever used a chat-up line, I don’t really believe in the ‘get your coat, you’ve pulled’ sort of thing. “I just mostly use my charm and personality. Being a guitarist and a chef also helps!”

To be in with a chance of winning a Valentine’s Day to remember, all you have to do is log onto Table Table chat up lines and submit your most charming chat up line.

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