Doncaster Rovers: Owners settle on ‘very competitive’ budget - Gavin Baldwin

Doncaster Rovers Gavin Baldwin talks about the future of the club at a meeting. Picture: Andrew Roe
Doncaster Rovers Gavin Baldwin talks about the future of the club at a meeting. Picture: Andrew Roe

Paul Dickov has been handed a “very competitive” budget to try and get Doncaster Rovers back in the Championship.

Chief executive Gavin Baldwin has told supporters that next season’s playing budget has been set and the club are ready to start their summer recruitment process.

He also describes Rovers’ forward planning as a “true statement of intent” by the club’s owners to improve on this season’s 13th place finish and attempt to reclaim their second tier status.

In his weekend programme notes Baldwin wrote: “We have spent a lot of time carefully planning our strategy and this is now in place ready for us to build for next season.

“It is fair to say we are all extremely excited as we are on the verge of something special here.

“On the playing side the budget has been agreed by the board.

“It is very competitive so we will be looking to recruit straight away, something that we haven’t been in a position to do for some time.

“We already have targets in mind and again, a strategy to go and get them. Please watch this space, we hope to have some positive news very soon.

“After the uncertainty of the last two years I am sure you will agree that this is a true statement of intent by the owners and shows that the club are looking to invest to get us out of this division.

He added: “That investment however isn’t limited to the first team, it is throughout the club, with the juniors, through the academy and upwards through the pyramid.”

Dickov was guarded following Sunday’s 5-2 win over Scunthorpe when he was asked about the scale of his summer rebuilding job, refusing to give too much away about the size of the task ahead.

But when he was quizzed if there would be a big turnover of players over the next few months, he said: “Yes, there will be a few leaving and a few coming in.

“We’ve finished mid-table this year so I’ve got to make sure first and foremost, coming from the top, that I’m better.

“And I’ve got to make sure the squad’s better going into next year as well, and we’re more consistent in everything we do.”

He added: “I thanked the lads for their efforts [after the game] this year.

“Every one of us, starting from me, has to be better going into next year because we want to make sure we give it a good go.”