Doncaster reunion of HMS Andromeda

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A reunion to reaffirm old ties with a ship associated with Doncaster is being planned for next year.

A three day event is on the cards which will include a gala dinner and dance.

Ian Spooner who is organising the event said: “The HMS Andromeda Association is holding a reunion in Doncaster on February 28, 2015.

“At this event we are hoping to reaffirm old ties that HMS Andromeda had with Doncaster during her commission.

“We have been in contact with the Doncaster council over the last few years as some of HMS Andromeda’s memorabilia: the ships bell etc. is still being displayed in Doncaster and they have allowed us to borrow various item for our past reunions.

“At this next reunion we have had confirmation that the Lord Mayor is attending as well as the Commanding officers who were onboard during this time of affiliation.”

The reunion is being held at Doncaster’s Holiday Inn, and for more information contac Ian via email at

HMS Andromeda was a frigate of the Royal Navy decommissioned in May 2012.