Doncaster residents urged to give up alcohol in January

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Doncaster Council is encouraging people to think ahead to the new year and plan to take a break for booze in January.

Thousands of people have already signed up to Alcohol Concern’s annual Dry January campaign since it was launched last week.

The campaign asks people to stop drinking for one month, starting on January 1 and ending on January 31.

The aim of Dry January 2015 is to encourage people to “take a holiday from booze” after the Christmas period.

17,312 people took part in Dry January 2014 with over 80 per cent saying they had cut down on the amount drink for the rest of the year.

Cabinet member councillor Tony Corden said: “Taking a break from alcohol for a month will improve your general health, reduce your calorie intake and benefit your finances.”

If you will be taking part in the 2015 campaign, the charity suggest that you get your friends involved.

“Turn it into a competition and see who can raise the most money for your Dry January,” a spokesperson said.

You can also find support and encouragement throughout the month at

If alcohol has become a problem for you, support is available from the Doncaster Drug and Alcohol Service on 01302 730956.