Doncaster residents forced to vote inside parked cars

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A number of constituents were forced to vote inside parked cars this morning, due to a Doncaster polling station being locked after the polls had opened.

When Diane Banner went to her designated polling station at the Thorne and Moorends Town Council Offices in Browns Lane, Thorne to vote at 7.10am this morning the building was locked - despite polls opening 10 minutes before she arrived.

Diane and a ‘handful’ of other voters were forced to vote inside cars parked outside the polling station.

She said: “I was totally aghast at the fact that the official pooling station was ‘not open’ for business. Someone was late with the key.

“There were two young women outside using two cars as the polling station. This is totally unacceptable.

“What happened to privacy? What happened to protocols for polling?”

A total of 173 polling stations across Doncaster are scheduled to be open between 7am and 10pm today.

Roger Harvey, Assistant Director of Legal and Democratic Services, said of the incident:

“Whenever unforeseen circumstances mean that voting cannot take place in the polling station, we encourage presiding officers to find suitable and practical alternatives.

“In this instance, we had a problem gaining access to the polling station.

“The Presiding Officer used initiative and utilised a car as a temporary polling booth for a short period whilst we gained access to the polling station.

“A handful of people arrived during that time and we were able to facilitate their democratic right to vote in this way until the polling station was open at approximately 7.20am”