Doncaster pupils injured by glass on school bus

Ridgewood School.
Ridgewood School.

pupils sustained cuts after being showered with broken glass when a school bus window shattered twice in two days.

Eight children sustained minor cuts in the incidents on their way to Ridgewood School when a branch smashed through the window on Tuesday and yesterday morning near Long Lane in High Melton.

A parent who did not want to be named said a teenage girl received a cut to the neck from glass yesterday and had to go to A&E.

It is thought bad weather blew the branch into the window on Tuesday and it was unclear how the second incident happened.

Mick Strafford, managing director of BrightBus, which runs the school service, said: “We have a superb safety record but it always distressing when things like this happen we have contacted the council who is sending someone out to cut the trees back.”

Ridgewood School confirmed parents of those affected were informed promptly. An investigation is underway.