Doncaster protest over tax avoidance to be held today

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NEWS: News.

Protestors are set to take part in a demonstration over tax avoidance in Doncaster town centre this lunchtime.

Organised by the Doncaster People’s Assembly, members of the public are set to protest outside Boots, located in the Frenchgate shopping centre, from noon today.

A spokesman for the Doncaster People’s Assembly said the protest has been organised due to Boots Alliance avoiding paying at least £1billion in taxes since 2007.

They continued: “This is a good opportunity to highlight locally the corporate theft which goes unchallenged every day.

While private companies and individuals are dodging billions of pounds each year through loopholes and offshore accounts, the public is being made

to pay the price of austerity, through cuts to our public and local services and that is totally wrong.”

For more information on the Doncaster People’s Assembly visit their website here.