Doncaster parents anger over CCTV being installed in school toilets

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Angry parents have raised concerns over plans to install CCTV cameras in the toilets at a Doncaster school.

McAuley Catholic High School has informed parents and carers it had been ‘necessary’ to install CCTV cameras in communal areas of some of the school’s toilets due to frequent reports of vandalism.

The school emailed the parents of all children at the voluntary Catholic academy, stating that the safeguarding of students is their ‘highest priority’ and any monitoring is designed to ensure there is no possibility of infringing the privacy of their students.

But some parents have rejected the school’s claims that the CCTV would not amount to a breach of privacy, claiming the use of the cameras in toilets had ‘crossed a line.’

Bill Green, father to 12-year-old McAuley pupil Oliver, said he is extremely concerned about the installation.

“This surely is not right,” said Bill, aged 42, of Castell Crescent, Cantley. “The children don’t feel it’s right.

“I understand that they want to do something about vandalism, but I really think them putting cameras in is going too far.”

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“And what I want to know is, why didn’t they tell parents that they were having problems with vandalism?

“When Oliver went back from the summer holidays the cameras were already there, and they hadn’t said anything.

“That email is the first and only communication we’ve had about it. And that’s what really worries me and my wife – they shouldn’t be able to do things like this without any consultation with parents.

“Retrospectively telling us just isn’t good enough.”

The school has not confirmed how many CCTV cameras have been installed in student toilets, or whether this will apply to both the girls’ and the boys’ facilities.

A school spokesman said: “CCTV cameras have been in place in the school for some considerable time.

“The network of cameras has been extended over the summer.

“The purpose of the CCTV is to ensure that all members of our community are safeguarded at all times.

“Great care has been taken to ensure that the privacy and dignity of all members of our community are not compromised at any time in any way.

“If any members of our community would like to discuss this further, or indeed any other concerns they may have, they are more than welcome to contact the school.”