Doncaster mum took her life on rail line

Moorends Level Crossing, Marshaland Road. Picture: Marie Caley NDOS Level Crossing MC 4
Moorends Level Crossing, Marshaland Road. Picture: Marie Caley NDOS Level Crossing MC 4

A young Doncaster woman has spoken of the horrific moment she learned her mother had taken her own life from a post on Facebook.

Roxanne Fearon told Doncaster Coroners’ Court the second she read on social media that someone had been hit at Moorends level crossing, she knew it was her mother, Rose.

The court heard that Rose, aged 53, of Willow Avenue, Thorne, had been found near the level crossing on two previous occasions prior to the day that she was killed in March this year.

On both occasions, she had told friends of her intention to take her own life.

Roxanne, aged 22, described Rose as a ‘caring mother who did everything for her children.’

However, she said she struggled with financial problems and the challenge of caring for her autistic son Sammie, and her husband Raymond, who was battling cancer.

On the two previous occasions where she was found near the level crossing, Rose was stopped by officers from the British Transport Police, who made her the subject of a suicide prevention order.

Rose was also admitted into St Catherine’s Hospital in Doncaster for a week of psychiatric treatment following her first suicide attempt.

The court was told that the mother-of-two – who had received support from the mental health team at the RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust for more than 17 years due to battling depression – was in close contact with social worker Angela Rush following the attempts to take her life on February 5 and 15 this year.

In a report submitted to the court, Mrs Rush explained how she and the RDaSH mental health team believed Rose, a housewife, appeared to be coping with her issues better in the weeks following her admittance to St Catherine’s.

Despite this, on the morning of March 24 she made her way on to the tracks near to the Moorends level crossing and stepped into the path of a Northern Rail train which was travelling in the direction of the Thorne North station.

Train driver Andrew Meek said he attempted to stop the train using the emergency brake and beeped the horn when he saw her.

However, Rose continued to walk towards the train, which struck and killed her seconds later.

Doncaster Deputy Coroner Fred Curtis recorded a verdict that Rose had taken her own life.

He passed on his condolences to the family.