Doncaster MP Caroline Flint rules herself out of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint.
Don Valley MP Caroline Flint.

After coming third in the race to become deputy Labour party leader, Don Valley MP Caroline Flint has this morning confirmed that she will also not be accepting a role in the new shadow cabinet.

Mrs Flint, who has served in the shadow cabinet since 2010 - and most recently in the role of Shadow Energy Secretary, says that after careful consideration she has decided that she will be best placed to support ‘the Labour Party and the leadership from outside the Shadow Cabinet’.

Jeremy Corbyn, who was elected as the new Labour leader on Saturday with a 59.5 per cent share of the votes, has not yet confirmed who will replace Mrs Flint as Shadow Energy Secretary.

Caroline Flint came third in the race for Deputy Labour leader with 22.8 per cent of votes.

In a statement released this morning, Caroline Flint said: “Yesterday lunchtime, I spoke to our Chief Whip Rosie Winterton. I informed her that, after careful consideration, I have decided I can best support the Labour Party and the leadership from outside the Shadow Cabinet’.

“I also told her that I would not announce my decision until after key Shadow Cabinet appointments had been made public, as a courtesy to Jeremy Corbyn and his new team.

“I have greatly enjoyed campaigning for the last four years for fair energy bills, to end the scandal of cold homes and for decisive action on climate change, so this was a hard decision to make.

“In my Deputy Leader campaign, I spoke about my background and upbringing. My mum inspired me to join the Labour Party. I am passionate about giving everyone an equal chance to get on in life, leaving no child behind, especially children whose hopes and dreams are limited by who their parents are or their postcode. I now want to focus on this, and how we get more people from welfare into rewarding work.

“Returning to the backbenches will also allow me to spend more time helping Labour reach out to those voters who turned away from us, but who share many of our values. After months of talking to Labour members and supporters, we now have to begin a wider conversation with the British public.

“I hope this work will be helpful to Jeremy, the Shadow Cabinet and the Labour Party as we rebuild over the next five years.

“I remain loyal to the Labour Party and will do everything I can to help us win the next General Election in 2020.

“My first and foremost concern has always been serving my constituents in Don Valley, to which I will continue to devote the same energy as I have for the last 18 years.”

It was confirmed yesterday that Doncaster Central MP, Rosie Winterton, will keep her role as Chief Whip.

However, Mr Corbyn is currently facing allegations of sexism - after failing to appoint any women into top jobs in the Shadow Cabinet.