Doncaster is the most romantic place in Yorkshire


People are nearly 1.5 times more likely to tie the knot than split-up and marriage is twice as popular when compared with national average statistics.

Sharon Kell, Managing Director of Coco Moon, which last year extended its services into Yorkshire, said: “Love and romance is alive and well in Doncaster which our research has crowned the romantic heart of Yorkshire alongside Craven.

“I am sure this fascinating research will stimulate some interesting debates about the reasons why one area is more romantic – or not as the case maybe - from another.”

Sharon added: “People marrying their partner still is popular.

“However, these days people have very high expectations about their lives in general and this extends to what constitutes a good marriage.

“As a result, many people are looking for self-fulfilment and individual happiness in their relationships.

“But marriages and civil partnerships are not about me and I, but should be about us or we.

“They, like everything in life that has value and worth, need to be worked at with compromise and regard for your other half helping create a good relationship.”

Sharon, who is also a qualified relationship coach, added: “A marriage ending in divorce does not preclude being happy second time around, as I know from personal experience.

“Deciding how you want your personal relationships to change is a crucial step forward. From that baseline, you can start to realise what can be done differently to increase the chance of meeting that special someone and welcoming them into your life.”

Established in 2008, Coco Moon offers a sophisticated alternative to internet dating by introducing members through personalised processes rather than computer driven checklists.

This includes its expert staff holding personal consultations with potential customers prior to offering and accepting membership. The business uses a complex methodology, which looks at all elements of a person’s life to really understand them as an individual.

They work with clients to understand what they want to achieve in relationships and then support them through their membership period, monitoring progress to ensure members have the very best probability of finding and keeping fulfilling long-term relationships.

Coco Moon’s top tips for finding romance:

• We often spend a great deal of time and effort focusing on our careers, making sure our chosen fields give us the fulfilment we desire and yet when it comes to our personal lives we may leave meeting our ideal partner to chance.

• Deciding we want our personal relationships to change is a crucial step forward, from which we can decide what we will do differently to increase our chances of meeting that special person and welcoming them into our lives.

• As obvious as it sounds, knowing why we want to share our lives with another is key. Giving some thought to what we want from a partner and why will help us understand the fundamentals and help pave the foundations for a relationship.

• Looking for a partner and building a romantic relationship is all about confidence and self-esteem. However, trying to find true love should not be regarded as the ‘magic potion” that will transform your life and make you totally happy. Finding a partner cannot fulfil you in every way. If there are gaps in other areas of your life then you will still feel there is something lacking.

• Whether we decide to engage the support of an agency or go it alone, we still need to decide a plan of action detailing what else we will actually do to broaden our horizons.

• It may be we are more open to invitations and push ourselves out of our comfort zone, welcoming new social experiences which increase our probability of mixing with like-minded people.

• Be brave, consider joining a club, enrolling at night school, or consider doing that “thing” we have always promised ourselves we will do, if only we had more time.

• Most importantly be yourself, love who you are and if there are things you want to change then take this opportunity to change them.

• When people live a full and balanced life and actually like what they stand for then finding Mr or Mrs Right is not as difficult as it may initially seem.

Doncaster is the most romantic place in Yorkshire, according to *research carried out by introductions agency Coco Moon.