Doncaster horror fall dad in fight back to health

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Rachel Young 30.03.15
Yorkshire Air Ambulance Rachel Young 30.03.15

A Doncaster man who narrowly escaped death after collapsing and falling 30ft from a roof is still recovering from his ordeal – one year on.

Gary Young, aged 52, was attempting to repair a TV aerial on the roof of his home in Thorne when he collapsed and plunged to the ground – puncturing a lung and fracturing nearly every rib in his body.

The father-of-two, who spent a week on a ventilator in the initial aftermath of the fall and needed a body brace to help his ribs re-set, remains in pain, with some of his ribs yet to re-heal properly. An undiagnosed brain aneurysm was found to be responsible for his collapse.

But with Gary now out of danger and on the road to recovery, his daughter, Rachel Young, has become a volunteer for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which she credits with saving her dad’s life, after he was airlifted to Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital in a race against time after his accident.

The 24-year-old, from Park View, Thorne, will raise money for the charity and attend events to promote its lifesaving work.

She said: “I can’t thank the air ambulance enough for everything they did for us that day.

“They were just amazing. Because of the nature of his injuries and the amount of pain my Dad was in, he had to get to hospital as quick as possible and a road journey would have been out of the question.

“I felt I just had to do something to thank the charity and becoming a volunteer is a great way to help to raise money and awareness about the work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

“My dad is still in a lot of pain as some of the ribs have not healed properly.

“From someone who was such a hard worker, always on the go, dad can’t really walk that far now and has so little energy.

“I think he has been suffering from post-traumatic stress. He’s not sleeping because he’s aware he has the aneurysm and he’s scared of falling asleep in case he doesn’t wake up.”

She said the year-long recovery process had been ‘very hard’ for her dad, a construction worker.

Rachel, an administrator with Redline Aviation Security at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield, is calling on others join her by becoming a volunteer for the air ambulance charity.

The rapid response emergency charity – which has to raise £9,990 every day to keep its two helicopters in the air – is appealing for more volunteers in South Yorkshire to run stalls and attend local events.

Mark Perry, South Yorkshire regional fundraiser, said: “We are asked to attend lots of events throughout the year and can’t cover this increasing demand without the support of our brilliant volunteers.

“It’s also important that we’re out more in local communities answering questions about the charity, telling people what we do, and why their support is so vital.

“Being a volunteer is a great way to get out and about in your local area and meet people.

You would be part of a fantastic team and you can do as little or as much as you want, to fit in with your lifestyle.”

Anyone interested should contact Mark via email on on by calling 07768 175727.