Doncaster foster care couple look forward to their first Father’s Day

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Married couple Wayne and Carl Hodgkinson-Shearing are looking forward to their first Father’s Day this Sunday after recently been approved as foster carers for Doncaster Children’s Services Trust.

They currently look after a nine-year-old boy, and are both relishing being called ‘Dad’.

Wayne said: “All our friends had children and we would go to parties and were the only ones who didn’t and we felt like we were missing out. We both wanted to become fathers and give a child a loving home. We looked into adoption and surrogacy, but eventually decided that fostering was right for us as we would be able to give a child in need a good start in life.

“Our lives have changed massively. Just like any parent, our whole world now revolves around the child we care for; we’re always driving him around taking him to school, clubs and parties. We’ve also found that we’ve got a valid reason to go to the cinema to watch the children’s films that we want to see!

“We came into fostering to offer a child a long term home and commit to making a difference to their early life. We feel that we’ve started to achieve that aim as now our nine-year-old calls us ‘his family’ and has told us he wants to stay with us until he is 18. So hopefully we’ll have many more Father’s Days to share together.”

There is a shortage of foster carers in Doncaster, in particular those who could care for teenagers or for more than one child.

Caring adults of all ages and backgrounds can apply to Doncaster Children’s Services Trust as long as they have the time to look after a child and space to give them a bedroom of their own.

For details telephone: 0808 129 2600 or visit Alternatively, drop in to see the fostering team at the Trust’s office in the Blue Building on Doncaster High Street, any time Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. No need to make an appointment.