Doncaster cyclist broke neck in crash

Adrian Shores, 51, with girlfriend Kirsty Charlesworth, 34, and daughter Mia, the day before he had a mountain bike accident and broke his neck and back.
Adrian Shores, 51, with girlfriend Kirsty Charlesworth, 34, and daughter Mia, the day before he had a mountain bike accident and broke his neck and back.

Mountain rescue experts had to be called out after a Doncaster dad broke his neck in a horrific cycling crash.

Adrian Shores, aged 51, from Wadworth, was on holiday with girlfriend Kerry Charlesworth, 34, and two-year-old daughter Mia when the incident happened.

He was mountain biking alone in the early evening on September 3 when he came off his bike in woods in the Lake District. He broke his back in several places, as well as his neck.

Adrian was due to oversee Tickhill Running and Athletic Club’s Woodland Hog running event on September 27, which has now been postponed.

Andy Chapman, vice chairman of the club, said: “The Woodland Hog has always been the clear vision of Adrian, who is the race director. Given his current situation we felt it would be inappropriate to continue with the event.”

Andy, who visited Adrian in the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne, said: “It looks like he will make a full recovery. He has taken his first few steps, and they are hoping that if he continues to make progress he will be allowed to come home in two weeks. He was in good spirits and was pleased to have some company, he is such a long way from home.

“He is in a neck brace and managing to sit up with the aid of an electric bed. He needs to come home and allow his body to recover for a few months now.”

He added: “Adrian had gone out on a solo mountain bike ride when he hit a ridge in the road. He came over his handle bars and ended up in a ditch.

“He told me when he came around he knew he just had to get out, and he managed to use a tree sapling to pull himself out of the ditch and get back on the track.

“He had no phone with him but luckily a young woman who was hiking saw him and came to his aid. She had no reception on her phone so she made him as comfortable as possible and went to get help.”

Paramedics and the Keswick Mountain Rescue team attended at 7.07pm and Mr Shore was taken to hospital.

Chris Higgins, team leader of the mountain rescue team, said: “The ambulance crew attended but they couldn’t get the ambulance on to the dirt track so they called us for assistance. They provided medical treatment and we helped get the gentleman to the ambulance, which was waiting 100 metres away.”

Adrian’s girlfriend is now travelling from Doncaster to Newcastle to see Adrian as much as possible.

“I’ve had to return to my work as a pharmacy technician so I probably won’t get to see Adrian again until the weekend, but we are taking it as it comes and he has been very lucky,” she said.

The Woodland Hog running event, which was due to take place in Wadworth Woods, will be held at a later date. All runners will be notified of the date. Until then, entrance fees have been refunded.

“I would like to thank all the runners for their understanding and their kind well wishes to Adrian,” he said.

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